Management Systems

Metalmeccanica Pulsoni is a company  of people for people.

The company mission is the satisfaction of all the interested parties, respecting the principles of sustainable development that does not penalize future resources and generations.

The Company is committed to a continuous improvement process of the Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, for health and safety at work according to BS OHSAS 18001: 2007,   for environmental protection according to the standard ISO 14001: 2015 and for the prevention of corruption, according to the UNI ISO 37001: 2016 standard.



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Politica aziendale maggio 2018

Certificato ISO 9001:2015

Certificato ISO 3834

Certificato ISO 14001

Certificato EN 1090-1

Certificazione OHSAS 18001

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Informativa sul trattamento dei dati personali ex artt. 13-14 UE 2016/679



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Our policies, with a view to responsible growth, tend to prevent any kind of corruption, understood as the act of offering, promising, supplying, accepting or requesting an undue advantage of any value (which may be economic or not economic) directly or indirectly and independently of the place, violating the law in force, as an incentive or reward for a person to act or omit actions in relation to the performance of that person’s duties.

This page also aims to implement the “reporting procedure” from the website, allowing the confidential, even anonymous, reporting of suspicious or actual situations or simply anomalies that may jeopardize company objectives regarding the prevention of corruptive, active or passive.

The company encourages reporting in good faith or on the basis of reasonable belief; If you have become aware of attempts at bribery or actual acts, or have a well-founded suspicion, you can use this reporting form. The same applies if you consider reporting weaknesses in the corporate management system for the prevention of corruption. The report may also concern any violation of the Code of Ethics and Company Policy for the prevention of corruption.

The company guarantees the confidential management of the relationship. The report can be made anonymous, using the appropriate message box in the area for public communications or by e-mail to the Compliance Officer Prevention Corruption address:

The report can also be made directly to the Managing Director, at:

The company undertakes to protect those who make reports in good faith, or on the basis of reasonable conviction, from retaliation.